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Wireless Network Testing


The need for powerful mobile network testing solutions has never been greater. New testing standards emerge, bandwidth demand rises, more applications must be supported and more users demand more quality.

Rigorous testing must be done not just on the network elements in the lab, but at each stage of the network lifecycle, right through to the live network.

Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network service providers (NSPs) need to verify adherence to specs, functionality, capacity, interoperability, quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS).

Active Testing—Simulation

Before building a mobile network, the functionality of single network elements must be validated in the lab. Network simulators fulfill this need as an active testing tool imitating segments of the network.

Simulators help ensure the network can handle the traffic loads above and beyond the specs, and they enable regression testing as the elements are developed.

Such simulation must be done not only in the mobile access network (such as LTE) but also the CS core, PS core and the IMS/VoIP network, where in addition to functionality and load capacity, security must be rigorously tested.

Passive Testing—Analysis

Passive testing involves the capture and analysis of traffic from the various interfaces of many mobile network elements. Testing teams need a clear view of the status of the traffic between these elements to find and fix network errors fast.

Protocol analyzers provide signal- and user-plane analysis applications, which take the captured data, analyze it and deliver clear graphical representations of the traffic. This helps NEMs and NSPs save testing time and enables them to deliver the best quality of service for their end customers.

EXFO provides all the tools you need to ensure the integrity of your mobile network, from the lab to the live network.

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